Now You Can Get the Domain You Want!

With 1000s of domains being added you can pre-register preferred domains to secure the name you want before it is gone!

Understanding the Purpose for New Domain Extensions and Why They Are Introduced

In today’s world it is pertinent for businesses and individuals to get domain names that are accessible and appropriate. You want your website to have its own definition and identity. Thanks to the introduction of hundreds of new domain extensions, it has never been easier to find a domain for your website that is the perfect match.

The Preregistration Process and How It Works

Instead of waiting for a domain to become available to the public, you can place your order for the domain you want first. When the domain is available for purchase it can be purchased by us on your behalf. If our attempt is unsuccessful (the domain is no longer available) you will receive a refund.

When New Domain Extensions Are Available

Over a 12 to 14 month time period new extensions become available for purchase. To ensure you get the domain you want when it becomes available use our simple preregistration service.