About Velnet.com

Since 1999, Velnet.com has provided quality web hosting and internet services.  We are one of the oldest best established small web hosting companies in the UK.  Our focus is to assist customers in securing their place on the World Wide Web with unique presence.  We will help you secure a domain name, host your content on stable platforms online today, and get your website live online with competitive UK pricing.


Our experience includes working with a variety of evolving technologies such as Linux platform with cPanel. This is one of the easiest web hosting control panel software options in the industry.  With software like this available at affordable prices customers can make the most of their web hosting packages.  Hosting your site with Velnet.com means a personal service, not an automated service. You get to work with real people that understand your web hosting needs.


Customers can have a positive experience building their brand with experts that will help you understand your needs.  Velnet.com is committed to helping customers have a positive experience with their web hosting services and personalize support.  If you are new to the idea of establishing a website or you are not sure what to expect with internet services, you can get trusted support from a team of experts who are ready to help.


Now is the time to ask questions or learn more about why small and large businesses work with wen hosting services such as Velnet.com.  We feel it is important to go through this process with a personalized plan for the needs of the website you want to establish.  There are automated options available through other providers. But, it seems like more customer services are becoming automated. This may seem convenient enough, but certain services should retain the one-on-one interaction. That’s what we are doing here at Velnet.com


We offer a multiple of ways for you to contact us with questions and concerns. We can help you develop more than just a brand. Your website helps people identify you and whatever services, products and information you provide. You should feel confident about your site and how it represents your purpose. Let our team help you take care of your website needs.  With affordable service we make it easy for customers to get started in developing the website they have always wanted.


Because we are committed to providing customer satisfaction in the best way possible as a cornerstone of our business, we provide a support team customers can get in contact with online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fact you can get online customer service support 24-7 means you can get the best out of your domain name and web hosting services.