Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting

Windows Vs Linux Hosting

Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting

Windows and Linux are two hosting platforms, and you need to make a choice of which hosting platform you want to take. Some highly followed web hosting reviews provide a clear picture of the major differences between these two. In order to make a well informed decision, you need to be well aware of all the similarities and differences which exist between them, and be able to clear the general misconceptions about both the platforms.

Credible sources of Hoster Talk are very useful to clear misconceptions like the one that you need to be running Linux on your computer if you want to host your site using the Linux platform. This piece of information is absolutely wrong; even if you have Windows XP or Windows 98 operating systems, you can still choose Linux.

Major points of difference:

A very important element to consider when choosing between Windows and Linux is the cost factor. As Linux is an open source system, it costs much less to run than Windows hosting. Linux web servers are known for their reliability and stability, and all web hosting reviews provide a positive feedback on them. They are less likely to crash than Windows web servers and have faster processes.

The Linux platform supports a lot of software, languages, applications and databases, for example, PHP, PostGre, MySQL, Perl, and many more. One major problem which Hoster Talk identifies in Linux is that it is not fully compatible with some Microsoft technologies. Hence, if you happen to be suing Access, ASP, or VB development tools, then you should go for Windows as it is compatible with these tools.

Compared to Linux, the single most important advantage which many web hosting reviews identify for Windows is its compatibility with all Microsoft softwares like Access and MS SQL databases. When using windows servers, web developers also have the benefit to use programming environments created by Microsoft which include ASP, MS Index Server, etc. The familiar interface of Microsoft tools is an important factor which makes Windows an attractive option.

Points of similarity:

Up till now, only the differences of these two platforms have been discussed. However, it is important to note that Hoster Talk mentions the points of similarity between Windows and Linux. Some of the similar things for both Windows hosting Linux hosting are:

  • Performance: Assuming no operational inefficiency the speed and performance of both the platforms in nearly the same.
  • Stability: Though, it is mentioned above that Linux hosting is more stable and less likely to crash, this problem has been taken care of in Windows hosting.
  • Ease of use: Interaction with the web hosting system occurs through FTP which means that even if Windows provides a nice interface, it is not likely to be used.
  • Security:  Both Windows and Linux platforms have comparable levels of security
  • Static Pages: Both the platforms have the ability to host static HTML files

An important tip given by all web hosting reviews is to be well aware of the points of similarities and the point of differences between these two hosting platforms before you make your final choice.

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