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The Amazing Power of Magento


Power of Magento

One of the amazing aspects of Magento is that it was developed specifically for eCommerce and there are over 1700 extensions which can provide nearly unlimited features. There isn’t another platform as flexible so that it is possible to totally customise the look and functionality to meet the needs of any online business, large or small. There are an amazing number of marketing tools from SEO to interfaces for catalogue management. This is, indeed, the ultimate solution for eCommerce. Merchants now have the power to totally customise a website with unique features and a completely scalable platform.

Even so, not all web hosting companies are able to handle the amount of resources necessary to effectively host a Magento website. In other words, it takes a huge amount power to host this feature rich platform. If you feel that your current server is incompatible with Magento web hosting, there is a simple solution. Simply download a copy of magento-check file and follow the instructions for uploading it to the Magento directory on your server. There are few companies like NuBlue that have both the expertise in Magento to answer any questions businesses may have as well as the resources to optimally host the Magento platform.

NuBlue is a full-service web agency that has been providing web hosting and site design/development services since 2005. Since their inception they’ve amassed a massive portfolio and have grown to become one of the most prominent hosting providers in the United Kingdom. The company has been one of the leading providers of Magento and Interspire eCommerce hosting since 2008. By providing a combination of web design, online marketing, and content development solutions, NuBlue aims to help their clients enhance their web presence with a multifaceted, all-inclusive approach to success.

Free Zen Cart Template and Zen Cart Installation Offer

Free Zen Cart Template and Installation Offer

Zen Cart Template Free
Velnet.com has teamed up with Zen Cart ecommerce site and template developers Rent A Cart to bring you a free premium zen cart template. You can see a screenshot of the template above this post. You can see a live demo at Rent A Cart website.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer all you need to do is comment on this blogpost and we will contact you for details of where you want to install the Zen Cart. If all you want to do is download the template, please click here to download the template.

If you are new to ecommerce or to Zen Cart, the basic premise of ecommerce is to help you sell online, Zen Cart is one of the leading free software that helps you sell online without spending too much money on developing a shopping cart.

If you need a domain name or hosting with this free ecommerce template and software offer, Velnet.com sell UK and International domain at one of the lowest prices you can find in the UK. We can provide you domain name to go with your zen cart template and ecommerce software.

In addition to the hosting and domain name registration services offered by Velnet.com, we also help small businesses marketing their website online using directory submission, blogpost and other ethical search engine marketing techniques. We can offer you a complete one stop shop to get you selling online. Please use the contact form to enquire about any of our services.